Into The Light: Group Exhibition

11 November 2023 - 6 January 2024

This group exhibition is comprised of works that align in its themes of human presence in nature, and the visual simplicity she applies to both figurative representation and abstraction. Included works make figurative or abstract reference to people, nature and objects by way of pared down forms and simple repeat marks and patterns, using natural materials and hand wrought surface textures.  


Paul Wearing’s ceramic vessels are inspired by our interconnectedness with nature’s seasons. His works explore the correlation between the cycles of nature, the making processes, and the innate qualities of natural materials. Susanna Bauer embellishes found leaves using handmade lace crochet, a technique which puts human physicality and creativity in direct relationship to the fragility of organic structures. The resulting forms are a meditation on the beauty and intricacy of the natural world. Shannon Clegg is a designer-maker whose work embraces the principles of biophilic design –of creating works in order to connect us in a deeper way with nature for the purposes of our own well-being, and to encourage a better human-nature relationship. Sonia Barton’s interest in aged, worn and worked surfaces, both in handmade objects and the coastal environment, are explored in her still life paintings through a muted palette and the juxtaposition of simple forms and shapes.


Devon based makers Takahashi McGil create sculptural, functional objects from a mix of local or sustainable hardwoods. Planing, chiselling, turning, waxing and lacquering with great precision using time-honoured Japanese and Western techniques, they create considered pieces that celebrate the natural beauty of their materials. Sue Kirk makes sculptural willow vessels by way of traditional hand weaving techniques. Her works are inspired by natural forms such as rocks and boulders, and explore the ways in which natural materials inform visual language. Andrew Dominic makes exquisite, handcrafted furniture that embraces the beauty and potential of wood. Using age old methods and crafting skills, he works only with raw materials that meet his carbon neutral environmental and sustainable credentials.  Fi Wallace Velarde is a painter and printmaker and is strongly drawn to both mediums. The subject matter that informs her work is inspired by land and sea, by their constantly changing colours, shapes and textures. It is a challenge working in two complementary disciplines which demand a different creative approach.