Altered & Abstracted: Group Exhibition

3 February - 16 March 2024

This exhibition showcases the work of five exceptional artists who bring material and form together to create statement works of abstract art.


Bristol based painter Jack Paffett creates imagery that responds to his environment and his memories. Every mark is made in answer to the previous mark, in an ongoing construction and deconstruction of works which celebrate the fluid nature of paint. Sculptor Richard Perry makes works which explore the relationship between organic and geometric forms, inspired by his interest in the natural environment. His works are sculpted from limestone, alabaster and Carrara marble and combine the essence of their subject with an unrestrained abstraction. Artist Jo Barker brings the historic craft of tapestry together with the form and feel of abstract painting. With a focus on the emotional impact of colour, she weaves threads together to create seemingly painted and scribbled marks in a rich palette of colours and powerful shapes. Chris Brook RSW makes mixed-media works inspired by rural and urban landscapes. Pursuing the creation of his own visual language, his marks and symbols are scored into the surface of his artworks with a pure and primal simplicity.  Kinsley Byrne creates sculptural forms in wood which reflect the coming together of the artist’s hand with a sense of the ‘primitive’ in its most expressive sense. His physical approach to direct carving and sculpting is a labour guided by the unique grain of the wood he is working with.